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Why Bell Family?

Bell Family is a women-run company with an established reputation for quality, excellence and care. Each childcare provider has been carefully selected through our unique screening process, which includes a national background check, preliminary and face-to-face interview, personal reference checks, social media screening, and on-going CPR and educational training.

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Why Bell Family?

  • Trusted. Bell Family has helped busy families manage all things childcare since 2009.
  • Fast Results. Navigating the childcare arena can be more than overwhelming to new or existing parents. Families come to us with requests and we provide a solution.
  • Individual Attention. Each family is assigned a manager to assist them through the process.

Why do thousands of families want to be Bell Family members?

  • Available 7 days per week! Email us during normal business hours M-F 10-6pm or as a member enjoy our after hours services from M-F 7-8am, 7-8pm and SAT-SUN 12-6pm. These hours are designated for your emergency childcare needs.
  • Last Minute Emergency Back-up Care (NY Tri-State Area Only). If your nanny is sick, you are sick, or the day care is closed, we can set you up with a sitter last minute.
  • Complimentary Nanny Placement Application Fee. If you need to hire a full or part time nanny or baby nurse during your membership, there is no application fee ($575 value). Offer limited to one (1) nanny search.
  • Buy One Nanny Placement (of at least 6 months), Get Your Second 10% Off, Your Third & All Placements going forward 20% Off.
  • Access to Bell Family’s Partner Benefits. Discounts, Parent Support, payroll assistance and more!
  • Full Access to Refer Friends. For every family you refer that becomes a member, you’ll get $100 towards your next membership.
  • Unmatched Secure Screening Process.
  • Only the Highest Quality Childcare Providers in the Business.
  • Family Owned and Operated. Our in-house team is comprised of family, former sitters and nannies, therapists, educators and moms.
  • Licensed. Bonded. Insured.
*Different membership levels are available. For more information on rates click here.

For Childcare Providers


Why Bell Family?

  • Trusted. Over the last decade, Bell Family has helped qualified and loving childcare providers find wonderful families to work with.
  • Fast Results. Navigating nanny and babysitter job boards and websites can be overwhelming, to say the least. Childcare Providers come to us from all over the world looking for recommended, safe, and loving families to work for.
  • Individual Attention. Once accepted as a Childcare Provider within our organization, you will have full access to our experts that will provide guidance, support and coaching as you go through the placement process.

Why do thousands of Childcare Providers want to be placed by Bell Family?

  • Available 24/7. We are available 7 days per week to assist you on the job.
  • No Cost Training. CPR training and other on-going coaching and training available.
  • Full Access to Refer Friends.
  • Family Screening. We only accept families that are kind, respectful and plesant to work with.
  • Select Group. We only accept the highest quality childcare providers in the business.
  • Family Owned and Operated. Our in-house team is comprised of family, former sitters and nannies, social workers, educators and moms.
  • Licensed. Bonded. Insured.

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