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Bell Family Company strives to find you the perfect fit - a true addition to your family! We believe in providing exclusive family care services for our members-only network.

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Nannies vs Sitters Defined

Nannies vs Sitters
nan·​ny | \ ˈna-nē (n): a child's nurse or caregiver

A Bell Family nanny is more than just a sitter. A nanny is somebody who is hired for 20 hours a week or more on a consistent basis. Here at Bell Family Company, our nannies are so invested in your child’s development and wellbeing that it won’t take long for it to feel like they are a natural extension of your immediate family. Nannies can help you prepare meals, get your kids to and from school and extracurriculars, and even help with household chores. Tell us what you need and we’ll find you the perfect fit!

sit·​ter | \ ˈsi-tər (n): a person who looks after a child or children while the parents are out

A Bell Family sitter is more than just a person caring for a child. Here at Bell Family, our sitters are here to engage, entertain, inspire and love your child or children while you are away. Sitters can help prepare snacks or meals for the children, play with them, handle morning wake up or evening bed and bath time routine with ease. Our sitters can also plan fun activities or playdates, take the child or children to the park, museum, sing with them, teach them a new language and more! Tell us what you need and we’ll find you the perfect fit!

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