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Meet Lindsay Bell

“I sometimes daydream about my hustle back in the day, I was young and hungry. I am wiser now, but also more skeptical. If I had to choose one or the other, I would hands down do it the way I did. Sure, I wish I did some things differently. I wish I went to business school. I wish I concentrated more on business and economics during undergrad to name a few.” Read on >>

Voyage Dallas Magazine

Daily Inspiration: Meet Lindsay Bell

“Bell Family currently with thousands of fully-vetted nannies and sitters, continues to expand and serve as a leader in the family care space. For the last 15 years Lindsay has focused on pursuing her passion for complete, trusted family care, establishing an unmatched network of reliable family care providers, interacting with America’s finest families, and aligning herself with the best in family brands.” Read on >>

Nanny Magazine

How do I reply when an agency asks for my current employer as a reference?

“Be as transparent as possible about your situation with your agency. It's completely acceptable to move on from your current family if it's not working out. However, it's important to discuss the situation in detail with your agency so they have a clear picture to share with the new family. Remaining honest and clear is always best.” Read on >>


Life after COVID-19

“As COVID-19 lingers on, we are reminded of how long we’ve all been tolerating this challenging time. Now, more than ever, it is important to seek support and find ways to connect optimism and hope. As we band together not only as humans in the time of Covid, we also band together as women, men, and parents in what will historically be one of the most interesting, yet challenging times in modern history. Wouldn’t it be remarkable to go down in history as having conquered these times with enlightenment, positivity and gusto as a modern parent? What have we learned during this time about our parenting, what changes will we hold onto, and how will our parenting life after COVID-19 become even stronger?” Read on >>


Home Solutions for Balancing Work and Parenting

“If you thought never in a million years you’d be sharing your office space with your children, think again. The spread of COVID-19 is forcing parents to work from home while helping their oldest manage remote school and coordinating who has diaper duty for the youngest.” Read on >>

The Strategist

The Only Toy Gift Guide for a 9-Year-Old You’ll Ever Need

“You know about New York Magazine’s “Approval Matrix.” Now, the Strategist has taken that model of what falls where on our taste hierarchies and applied it to toys. In this case, the four sides of the grid are “Educational” (say, a smart ukulele), “Brain Candy” (a slime factory), “Reasonably Priced,” and “Splurgy.”” Read on >>

Harvard Business Review

How to Launch a Working Parents' Support Group in Your Organization

“‘Believe it or not’ says Lindsay Bell, founder and CEO of Bell Family Company, a leading provider of corporate backup - and emergency childcare, ‘many families that already have these benefits don't actually know how to start using them.” Read on >>


New Moms & Night Nurses: Why Is No One Talking About The Privilege Seen In Tully?

“‘A lot of moms are getting more comfortable admitting that they need help,’ Bell told Refinery29. […] it’s becoming more acceptable for [young moms] to admit they need help.” Read on >>

Fairy God Boss

Day Care Or Nanny — Which Is Better For Your Family?

“Unlike daycare, a nanny can arrive earlier if you need and stay later if you are in a jam. The nanny’s sole responsibility is your child(ren), he/she will be a consistent figure in your child(ren)’s life, offering them guidance and love when you are at work.” Read on >>

New York Post

Night Nurses are the new must-haves for rich moms

“‘I’ve definitely seen an uptick in requests,’ says Lindsay Bell, a Midtown East mom of a 4-month-old and CEO of Bell Family Company, a childcare agency. ‘I have some moms who are entrepreneurs who literally have to be on calls and on email two days after their children are born.’” Read on >>

New York Family

Finding A Great Nanny - Tips on the most important hire you’ll ever make

“Bell believes that placement services can be especially reassuring if you’re a first-time mom. ‘Childcare services have done this thousands of times and will help guide you along the way,’” Read on >>


Ladyboss Series: NYC Babysitting Company Founder Lindsay Bell

“The ultimate warrior is both a mom and entrepreneur. I love that I built something that allows me to make my own hours/schedule, challenges me every day and I’m able to be with my son most of the time.” Read on >>

Business Buff

BUFF 014 | Lindsay Bell – Founder & President of Bell Family Company

“Arriving from Ohio, Lindsay set out to make it happen in New York City and my goodness did she ever. Her uncanny ability to get out there and get involved in NYC, without knowing a soul led to her amazing growth.” Read on >>

Gym Time

Nanny Know-How: Maintaining a Good Relationship with Your Caregiver

“Bell founded predecessor company Lucky Lil’ Darlings in 2009, and her company has since grown to include more than 500 extensively vetted caregivers and hundreds of happy families.” Read on >>

New York Post

Meet the super sitters

“The attractive young woman is typical of New York City’s new breed of “super sitters” — bright young professionals who have first-aid training, a college degree and the word for diaper in four different languages.” Read on >>

Pop Sugar

Lucky Lil’ Darlings: Ga Ga or Gag?

“Just give LLD's sitters some space and they'll set up a "pop-up child center" that will entertain kids for hours on end. Expecting babies at the party? They'll bring infant toys and seats...” Read on >>