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EventSitter & Kid Zone

Bell Family can provide a level of service needed for special functions with our dedicated & hard working sitters & staff for every type of event you could imagine. Whether you need an extra set of hands for a mega-child event, confident door greeters or need us to fully develop a Bell Family Kid Zone. We can assist to make your event an even bigger success.


Kid Zones

Our Kid Zones are a custom made, interactive kid-only area designed to plug into your family friendly function. Bell Family has devised the perfect way to keep your guest’s children entertained and well cared for while you and your guests enjoy your wedding, corporate function, family fun event and more! From fantasy to reality, Bell Family designs a one of a kind pop-up play center fully equipped with activity stations that engage and empower your guest’s child, arts and crafts corners to further inspire even the most creative minds, princess, safari and fairy land entertainers that will light up their lil’ eyes, movie night when its wind down time and more!

Our dedicated sitters can tackle any event issue that may arise; we carefully lead a check-in/check-out station, provide custom take home gift bags and provide a level of exclusive service that will wow you and your guests. Our Bell Family Kid Zone is designed to help make your special day an even bigger success!

What our families are saying about our Event Sitters & Kid Zones!

“HUGE thanks for the three lovely sitters who joined us this evening. They did a wonderful job, to the point where I literally had multiple parents at our party coming up and asking me where we had found them. (Needless to say I sang the praises of your company!!) Thanks so much for making our holiday party a happy and stress free event for all involved.”

-Mother of 2, UES

“Thank you so much for sending two amazing girls to help with our event. They were adorable and full of energy, all the kids and mommies loved them. They didn’t stop moving for one moment and were consistently asking what they could do, how they could help etc. They are such professionals, it’s simply a pleasure!”

-Annie, Owner of Blast Events NYC

“Omg the party was AMAZING. The kids had so much that no one wanted to leave! I literally had to almost kick people out after three hours! Some of the kids even came up to me and said it was the best birthday party they has ever been to and to promise to have another one next year just like this one.”

-Mother of 2, UES, who just threw a last minute birthday party

To get your Kid Zone started today, email us at [email protected].