How it Works

For the Family

All families in the Bell Family membership are by referral, and all of our services are for members only. This simple filter assures we are working within a small and trusted community.

Once a family’s referral is confirmed and membership is approved, the first step is to complete a family profile with the information that will allow us to match family dynamics and preferences to our care providers.

Booking sitters is as easy as specifying times, locations, skill tags and other search criteria. We provide the best match for your confirmation, give notice as the assignment approaches, and facilitate checkout using your credit card or paypal account. Other on-demand services like hotel helpers and pet sitters are booked similarly.

Securing a Nanny placement requires a search contract in advance, and full payment upon first date of service. We do provide a placement satisfaction guarantee.

For the Sitter

All Bell Family Sitters come by referral from a family or another sitter. We then interview and screen each sitter for suitability based on our screening process, including personal interviews, ID verification, TrustCheck and Social Check to name a few. Once accepted, the Bell Family Sitter’s first step is to complete their profile, with background information, skill tags, available hours and PayPal information as examples. Sitters are then ready to receive real time availability requests from the Bell Family booking platform. Booked assignments, payments, and most everything else is covered through the sitter’s profile page.

For the Nanny

Many Bell Family Nannies are drawn from our pool of sitters. In addition to the sitter profile information [enter additional requirements and process for nannies].