Is there an application fee associated with Bell Family Company?

There is no application fee at this time.

How do I apply?

All families & CareGivers must be referred to Bell Family. Simply click on JOIN TODAY, fill out the short form with your referral code or if you do not have a referral code, please submit to get on our list at Bell Family. You will then be contacted by Bell Family once we review.

If you are looking for a nanny for your family, be sure to opt for the SIGN UP FOR NANNY option under your ADDITIONAL INFO tab on your app.

How do I get a referral code?

Just ask any member family or current CareGiver of Bell Family Company to refer you. They simply need to log onto their profile & click on ‘refer a friend' via their profile page, to submit your name and email. You will get an email shortly after with a referral code to enter under JOIN TODAY!

Do you offer a trial to your sitter services?

Yes, we offer a trial with no obligation to the membership fee. The trial is valid for seven (7) consecutive days in New York City. *Note the family is still required to pay the sitter directly the hourly rate plus transportation outside city limits or before a 7:00am start time or after 9:00pm end time.

How do I become a member family?

Once your application is accepted and your seven (7) day trial has expired to Bell Family, you will be asked to become a member family. The annual (12 months) membership fee is currently $400, which we can charge your card on file, just email us info@bellfamilycompany.com, or you can opt to become a member family at checkout & your card will be charged with your last sitter appointment.

What are your sitter rates?

Members can find our Rate Book on our website, at http://www.bellfamilycompany.com/rate/ for inquiries on rates you can email info@bellfamilycompany.com

Do you guarantee a sitter for last minute bookings (typically 24 hours or less)?

Bell Family does not guarantee a sitter, however we do our best to place each & every family.

If I have a last minute booking and I'm having trouble with the platform, who do I contact?

Please contact bookings@bellfamilycompany.com for any issues.

How does payment work to a sitter?

At the end of each appointment the sitter will LOG-IN to his/her profile & CHECK OUT, the sitter will enter his/her start & end time, any expenses per the family's request plus add cab fare before a 7:00am start time or after 9:00pm end time & submit to the family. The family has the option to pay cab fare & tip (not required) via cash. Hourly work is not paid in cash. The family will review & ACCEPT. The funds will then be transferred from your account (credit card or PayPal) to the sitter and Bell Family Company.

Where do you place your sitters and nannies?

For sitters we place throughout the metro New York area (mostly in Manhattan & Brooklyn).

For nannies we place throughout the metro New York area (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester & Connecticut) as well as Long Island & Northern New Jersey. For live-in positions we have placed nannies in Los Angeles, upstate New York & Washington DC.

Can Bell Family Company provide sitters for vacations?

Absolutely! Have one of Bell Family's super sitters accompany your family for a long weekend at the beach, spring break, during summer vacation or during holiday travel. To book a TravelSitter, log-into you profile & click ‘BOOK A SITTER' & opt for ‘TRAVEL SITTER' under booking type.

Is there a cancellation or rescheduling fee associated with Bell Family Company?

To cancel a sitter appointment please log-into your profile, go to your profile page & scroll to below the calendar to JOBS THIS WEEK OR MONTH. Find your appointment & then click CANCEL.

Please note that cancellations or rescheduling done with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a $50 fee. When you click CANCEL, you can note the reason & then you'll be directed to PayPal to pay the fee.

*Only exception to the cancellation charge is in the event of extreme weather where both the sitter and family decide to mutually cancel. **Cancellations or delays involved with travel will be taken care of per situation by the President.

Can I schedule a babysitting appointment directly with the sitter?

No, you must schedule directly with Bell Family. You may only confirm a scheduled location, date and/or time or any other details regarding a confirmed appointment with a sitter.

What if my child is sick?

We don't want to put our sitters in harm's way, but understand that your little ones need us too. Please email info@bellfamilycompany.com & the confirmed sitter to notify us of the sickness to make sure the sitter is comfortable with the illness. If your child's sickness seems controlled, we request you provide detailed instruction for the sitter to follow while you are gone. We advise you & the sitter stay in contact via text while you are gone for updates.

*For a nanny please notify the nanny directly (you do not need to notify HQ) & follow the same protocol.

Can I schedule a babysitting appointment directly with the sitter?

No, you must schedule directly with Bell Family. You may only confirm a scheduled location, date and/or time or any other details regarding a confirmed appointment with a sitter.

Is it possible to work with the same sitters?

Yes! Each family builds a rotation of sitter's over time. Your requests go directly to your rotation sitters first & then if they are not available it goes out to the next best matched sitters.

Do you have to be a member family to be connected with nannies and sitters?

We offer sitter services to guest family's traveling from out of town. Please contact info@bellfamilycompany.com with your referral's first and last name & for information on rates.

What kind of screenings do the nannies and sitters go through?

Extensive screening including a face-to-face interview with our President, national background check including criminal & sex offender records, three reference checks, social media check, consistent review upon parent feedback and CPR training.

Does Bell Family Company host events?

We sure do! We have done corporate events and Kid Zones for some of the largest travel, entertainment, sports, and media companies.

Is the family responsible for a sitter or nanny's transportation expenses?

Yes, cab fare is required before a 7:00am start time or after 9:00pm end time up to $20.00. If a sitter is required outside city limits for an appointment round/trip transportation is also required.

Am I expected to reimburse my sitter for meals?

While it is not required for you to reimburse sitters for evening meals, it is always welcomed and appreciated. On vacation, travel & weekend appointments, families will be expected to cover the cost for all meals.

Do you provide pet-care services?

Yes, simply indicate your petcare needs when you click 'BOOK A SITTER' & the sitter will add the additional $30 charge for your pet.

Are your sitters and nannies CPR trained?

Yes, indeed they are. We host a quarterly CPR training seminar at our HQ taught by certified FDNY EMS personnel. Our sitters and nannies learn the skills to act in the event of cardiac arrest through compressions only CPR & AED Training. Bi-annually we host a Fire Safety program equipping them with the 411 of what do in the case of a fire.

Some sitters and nannies receive additional certifications independently. Check out the sitter or nannies profile for their level of training.

Do your sitters and nannies have prior experience?

Yes, each sitter and nanny has extensive childcare experience, and is ideally matched to your criteria. (age of your child, Spanish speaking, loves soccer, etc,)

How do you find your sitters and nannies?

Our sitters and nannies are 100% by referral, that's what makes us unique.

If I have a last minute/day-of-request what are that chances that you can fulfill it?

Yes, we have the largest roster of college-educated on-demand sitters in your area ready to help!

Is there an hour minimum for each sitter appointment?

No. There is not a minimum appointment duration. However we ask that the family adhere to the number of hours that they request. If you need to adjust the number of hours please contact the sitter with an update.

*Note that if an appointment is requested for just one hour of service there is a $5 additional fee for the short duration of time. The sitter will add this expense at CHECKOUT.

What is my appointment ends at 7:15pm as the only option to CHECKOUT IS 7:00PM or 7:30pm?

Pay is rounded up to the half hour. The sitter would CHECKOUT at 7:30pm.

I am a family & want to expedite when I PROCESS CHECKOUT to pay my sitter. What are my options?

  1. Save your info to PayPal or Dashlane, then you can go one by one & accept without entering your cc info each time
  2. Call HQ during business hours & give us your cc info over the phone & we'll valet through them for you. Valet is at an additional $5 per booking charge.

Will I get email reminders for confirmed appointments?

Yes, based on how much advance notice we receive for the booking. The families & sitters will receive reminders 24 hours in advance & 1 hour before.

No luck finding your answer?

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