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Due to COVID-19, Bell Family launched Virtual Sitters to provide childcare relief to families across America. A Virtual Sitter is a childcare provider who entertains your child(ren) through conversation over the Internet using a software program such as Skype or Google Hangouts.

You can book a Virtual Sitter for as little as 30 minutes to help with the kids. Virtual Sitter rates are $23 per hour for 1 child ($11.50 for 30 minutes), and $25 for 2 children (for 3+ children please inquire about rates). No membership fee required. Check out this video for a short clip of a Virtual Sitter doing a teaching lesson with a child and this video from our founder about Virtual Sitters.

Our Virtual Sitters can:

“This is unbelievably genius. A must for parent survival right now!”

Mom of 2, West Coast

“It worked great! I got the whole kitchen cleaned and ate food sitting down!”

Mom of 3, Midwest



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